Mowich Lake campout (October 2014)

Lake Mowich (Oct 2014) 7032

The scouts from Troop 598 were back in the mountains, this time inside Mount Rainier Nat’l Park to camp at beautiful Mowich Lake. After lunch, the group set out on a hike around the crystal clear lake, climbing to Eunice Lake and continuing on to the Ranger tower at Tolmie Peak, an elevation gain of more than 1,000 feet. We enjoyed breathtaking views of Mt. Rainier along the way and arrived at the tower just in time to see sunset fall over the Puget Sound area. A chilly wind along the ridge encouraged us not to dawdle and the hike back to camp was mostly by flashlight through the dark.

The meal plan organized by Jack proved a good choice, as the simple-but-hearty Chili and Mac was easily prepared in only two cooking pots, with an additional pan for the garlic bread that all enjoyed. Even getting back to camp at 9:30 and needing to prepare the late meal, the Scouts were able to cook, feed and retire for the night without disturbing the nearby campers. Good job Troop 598!

With the food secured against any curious wildlife, the scouts could relax and sleep in Sunday morning. After breakfast the boys were free to team up and explore the trails and shoreline of Mowich Lake. As you can see in these photos, the Scouts had a great time on this fall campout.

Photos courtesy Walt Ward, Steve Heeb